The Peninsula Public Health Network (PPHN) is the multi-disciplinary public health network for Devon and Cornwall, Isle of Scilly and Somerset.  The PPHN is administered via the ‘Office of the Director of Public Health’, Plymouth City Council and co-ordinated by the six local authority public health teams in the Peninsula.

The PPHN aims to:

  1. Identify public health training/education needs of the Peninsula Public Health Network members in Devon, Cornwall, Isles of Scilly and Somerset.
  2. Plan, implement and evaluate a co-ordinated continuing professional development programme for the multi-disciplinary public health workforce in the Peninsula.
  3. Raise awareness of the availability of public health education and training opportunities across the Peninsula and further afield.

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PPHN Logo 2014

 “There are two major challenges: to improve health for everybody and to reduce inequalities. In Britain, we have done well on the first; not on the second”. Professor Sir Michael Marmot (2010)

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